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Photo Courtesy: Getty Images.

How Was Your Winter?

Monday, April 1, 2019

From Cheryl Russell for Demo Memo

Gallup asked a nationally representative sample of Americans in early March whether the winter had been warmer or colder than usual. Then it compared their answers to the February 2019 temperature mean and the historic mean (based on 1900 to 2000 NOAA data). Here are the findings by region...

  • In the East: It was 4.4 degrees warmer than average in the East. But 34% of the region’s residents told Gallup it was colder than usual. Another 42% said it was about the same. Only 22% reported it being warmer than usual.
  • In the Midwest: Midwesterners did better. The Midwest was 4.9 degrees colder than average, and 62% of residents reported that it was colder than usual.
  • In the South: It was 3.6 degrees warmer than usual in the South, but only 32% of residents felt that way. The 43% plurality said it was about the same as usual and 23% said it was colder than usual.
  • In the West: It was cold in the West, with the average February temperature 6.1 degrees below normal. Western residents felt it, with 64% reporting a colder than usual winter.

How good are we at noticing climate change? Gallup's results show that we get it right only about half the time.

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