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Revisions Coming to ANSI Standard for Outdoor Decorative Gas Appliances

Thursday, December 12, 2019

From Bill Sendelback

Important revisions have been made to the ANSI Z21.97 standard for outdoor decorative gas appliances, effective Jan. 17, 2020.

Major revisions include that a fixed barrier must be installed over the glass viewing area if the glass exceeds 172 degrees F, similar to the barrier requirement for indoor gas appliances. 

Outdoor decorative gas appliances with a rated output of more than 65,000 Btus can no longer be manually ignited, or match lit, now requiring a safety pilot or IPI. Units of less than 65,000 Btus can continue to be match lit.

In a new rain test in the revised standard, models whose flames are extinguished during a simulated rainstorm are required to include a device that will automatically shut off the gas flow to the burner when the flame goes out. Models that pass the rain test without the flame being extinguished do not require an automatic gas flow shut off device.

Outdoor decorative gas appliances manufactured after Jan. 17, 2020, must be tested and listed to this revised ANSI Z21.97 standard. Retailers can continue to sell-off models tested and listed to the previous version of the standard, according to Bob Zimmerman, senior staff engineer associate at Underwriters Laboratories. 

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