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Sunbrella Partners with Brown Jordan to Introduce Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology

Monday, September 9, 2019

Sunbrella is partnering with Brown Jordan to exclusively launch the latest in performance fabric innovation – Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology – at Casual Market Chicago 2019. Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology features an extrusion coated yarn that is engineered with patented technology to be the ultimate in comfort, seamlessly responding to movement and providing for greater recovery from sagging and puckering, for a luxuriously comfortable seating experience.

The newest innovation, Flex Technology, epitomizes the evolution of sling fabric – it is strong yet soft with even greater flexibility and the same comfort, durability and reliability as the original Sunbrella Sling Collection. The neutral colorways range from creamy whites and taupe to soft, dark hues, that add warmth and an air of sophistication. Currently, Brown Jordan has applied Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology to several redesigned dining and lounge chairs in their collections.

Benefits of Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology include a speedy active recovery, springing back to its original form without losing shape or elasticity; complete comfort in a fabric that feels weightless and relieves more pressure points than conventional sling seating; a wider selection of colors that feel as luxurious as they look; and the fade proof, bleach cleanable ease-of-care for which the Sunbrella brand is known.

“The new Flex Technology we’ve added to Sunbrella Sling is unlike any fabric technology in the performance category thus far,” says Allen Gant III, Director of Outdoor Market for Sunbrella. “The team has created a totally new fabric blend that incorporates Sunbrella’s performance acrylic and extrusion coated yarns with the new Flex Technology that is comfortable, durable and will not lose its shape. We are so excited to continue our relationship with Brown Jordan to exclusively launch this new product.”

As a partner that exclusively carries Sunbrella fabric, Brown Jordan offers premium pieces that are founded on an unwaveringly high level of craftsmanship to incorporate effortless beauty and impeccable design. At Casual Market Chicago, Brown Jordan will showcase a range of pieces in its showroom that incorporate this new Flex Technology to offer more comfort and flexibility.

“Our longstanding relationship with Sunbrella has been a true testament to both companies’ dedication to innovative design and our crafts,” said Steve Elton, Chief Brand Curator for Brown Jordan Company. “To have found a partner like Sunbrella has meant being welcomed into a famly as we seek to bring iconic products fitted with Sunbrella Sling with Flex Texhnology to market.”

Inspired by the design of ergonomic chairs, Flex Technology seamlessly responds to movement, providing for greater recovery from sagging and puckering, for a luxuriously comfortable seating experience. The added benefit of a supple material that relieves pressure points typically activated by traditional sling seating put this material a cut above the rest.

“Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology truly expands the scope of design, due to its strength and flexibility,” says Greg Voorhis, Executive Director of Design for Glen Raven. “It comes in a beautiful range of colors and really opens manufacturers and designers up to create unique, statement-making pieces.”

Sunbrella Sling with Flex Technology is available through Brown Jordan with a 5-year warranty.

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