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Photo Courtesy: Getty Images.

Global Warming: 51% Are Concerned Believers

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

From Cheryl Russell for Gallup

The threat of global warming is making inroads into the consciousness of the American public. In the latest Gallup environmental survey, 51% of adults aged 18 or older are what Gallup calls Concerned Believers. Gallup defines this group as “highly worried about global warming, think it will pose a serious threat in their lifetime, believe it’s the result of human activity, and think news reports about it are accurate or underestimate the problem.”

The 51% of 2019 is not statistically different from what Gallup has measured in each year since 2016, but it is significantly higher than the level recorded in the years prior to 2016, when it ranged from 33 to 39%.

Another 30% of Americans are what Gallup calls the Mixed Middle, and 20% are Cool Skeptics. The attitudes of Cool Skeptics are the opposite of Concerned Believers. Gallup describes them this way: “They worry little or not at all about global warming, do not think it will pose a serious threat in their lifetime, think it’s attributable to natural environmental changes, and think the news exaggerates the problem.”

Those most likely to be Concerned Believers are women (55%), 18-to-29-year-olds (67%), college graduates (60%), nonwhites (60%), and Democrats (77%). Those most likely to be Cool Skeptics are men (25%), people aged 50 to 64 (26%), non-Hispanic Whites (27%), and Republicans (52%).

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