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The customized 50 x 80-ft. canopy at the VF Corporation headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

Up on the Roof

Friday, November 2, 2018

When the VF Corporation – the parent company of brands such as Vans, North Face, and Wrangler – relocated its headquarters to Costa Mesa, California, Infinity Canopy was its choice to provide shade for its expansive rooftop lounge.

With an emphasis on creative self-expression, artistic sensibility, and sustainability, the company’s new office and outdoor spaces are designed to cultivate creativity from each of its employees.

A highly customized 50 x 80-ft. canopy that forms an inviting, comfortable retreat from California’s midday heat covers the expansive lounge on the roof. A red steel-frame supports 20 motorized 10-ft. wide x 20-ft. long canopies, all in a stunningly beautiful Serge Ferrari Soltis 92 Champagne fabric.

The panels come together for an eye-catching finished shade structure that is professional and sleek, making it the perfect location for innovation and relaxation. 

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