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Operation BBQ Relief Florida Update

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Partners, Sponsors and Supporters:

We wanted to update you from the field on what we have seen and heard while being in Florida.

We have seen a good increase in volunteers at both locations getting close to what we need each day to be able to do 25,000 to 30,000 meals in a day. Going into the weekend our concern is having enough volunteers. This is the frist weekend since people have been let back into areas. It will be our busiest few days. Please continue to support us by sharing the need for volunteers.

  Tallahassee Panama City Total
Oct. 17 Meals 27,850 28,800 56,650
Total Meals Served
in Florida
97,050 120,070 217,120

Here is one story from this morning.

  • From a Salvation Army canteen driver this morning:
    "I had to come and tell you about a family who came up to our location, waited in line over an hour for the pulled pork meal yesterday. They came back a couple hours later to thank us and to tell the Operation BBQ Relief people that cooked it that it was their first hot meal since the hurricane hit and it was the best pulled pork they had ever had."

    The driver said they had a bunch of people say that it was awesome BBQ. She told us that there is really something special about serving the BBQ they saw it firsthand. That is what we call the power of BBQ!
  • Both Will and I (Stan Hays) have been in the field and the pictures you see do not do it justice. This reminds both of us of Moore, OK, tornado with the splintered trees, snapped power poles and debris all over the place rather than a hurricane.

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