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Opportunity in Blue?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Researchers at Oregon State University who were testing compounds for uses in electronics accidentally discovered a new shade of blue. In the heat of a furnace, one mixture turned from dark brown to a vivid blue – which, it turns out, was an entirely new pigment.

They called the pigment YInMn Blue after its three elements: Yttrium(Y), Indium(In) and Manganese(Mn).

It turns out that the mixture absorbs UV light and resists high temperatures, making it a promising color option for cooling roofs. It is expected to be commercially available before 2017. The pigment will be sold exclusively by the Shepherd Color Co., and can be mixed into paint, plastic and more.

It remains to be seen if YInMn Blue will have applications beneficial to the patio industry, such as in marine grade polymers or even in fabrics.

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