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Utility Patent Issued for
Infinity Canopy Shade System

Monday, February 15, 2016

The U.S. Patent Office has issued patent number 9,255,441 covering the unique and revolutionary features of Infinity Canopy that allow it to adapt to any space, be installed quickly, and changed even after installation. This is the first patent issued for Infinity Canopy with additional utility and design patents pending.

Dr. Shargani, the inventor of Infinity Canopy, said, “We claimed to have revolutionized the canopy and this patent confirms that. This is a major achievement for our company, the shade products industry and the customers. We will continue the innovation and development of Infinity Canopy.” 

About Infinity Canopy

Infinity Canopy’s shade system is modular. It uses individual shade panels that are connected one at a time to create a canopy that can be as long and wide as needed to adapt to any space. The individual panels can be in one or multiple colors to create a simple or multi-color canopy. Every aspect of Infinity Canopy can be changed, even after installation, to create infinite configurations and designs not possible by any other shade system. Repairs can be completed on site using readily available parts and panels.

Infinity Canopy can be installed on pergolas or between two opposing structures on a pair of parallel cables. It can also attach directly to available overhead support indoors or outdoors. The canopy is comprised of individual shade panels that connect to create shade sections in any length.

Multiple shade sections in the desired length are placed side by side to cover any space. The individual shade panels can be in one or multiple colors and interchanged to create unique designs not possible by any other shade system. Visit the website or call Mona Cohen at 844-4-CANOPY.

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