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Agio, USA, to Debut Traveling Breeze & Other Cool Products at Las Vegas Winter Market

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Agio, USA, and Traveling Breeze have entered into a long-term partnership agreement that will help bring the Traveling Breeze line of unique outdoor products to the casual marketplace. 

For this month’s Las Vegas show, Agio’s showroom (C-1295) will feature five different “zero gravity” chair styles and one sling chaise lounge. The chairs are available in either steel or aluminum frames, and accessories range from cup holders to canopies to rolled pillows using the same battery- powered, fan-generated breeze technology.  

The Traveling Breeze line of lightweight and portable fan-cooled chairs, chaise lounges and pillows uses patented design that incorporates two high-flow fans blowing a gentle breeze across the user’s head, neck, shoulders and back. The chair has been featured on NBC’s Today show as one of the top summer items, and on the DIY Networks program, I Want That.

“By having the right team at Agio, USA, handling the sales and marketing for our line, our team is better able to concentrate on product development and ensure quality remains at a high level,” said Greg Squires, president of Traveling Breeze. “Our strength is providing innovation to the marketplace.”

“It gives us a chance to bring to market something that’s unique,” said Andy Sokol, Agio, USA, vice president of sales. “It has multiple uses for year-round activities: from the sidelines of little league or soccer matches in the spring, to poolside, on the deck or at the beach in the summer and, of course, tailgating in the fall,” he said.  Sokol anticipates this to be a hot gift line for 4th quarter 2016 promotions both online and in-store.

“We are excited to partner with Agio, USA, in bringing our products to the outdoor casual customer,” said Dave Kasprzyk, vice president of Traveling Breeze. “This agreement puts in place a long-term strategy to bring innovative cooling products to development and implementation of new products.” 

As an example, Kasprzyk pointed to the Aero Breeze Pillow, a lightweight cooling companion that’s a decorative and effective cooling device.  Appropriate for either indoor or outdoor uses, the accessory makes a terrific gift for any age group and comes in at a low price point. “In our opinion, this item is a game changer,” he said. “Just place the pillow behind your head, sit back and feel the quiet, gentle breeze right where you need it.” 

According to Sokol, at present the Traveling Breeze chair line is a container-only program, but plans are being made to soon offer the line domestically in smaller quantities. For orders meeting a minimum quantity, there will be the option to change fabrics according to customer specifications. “We prefer not to turn down any business and want to provide all customers the means to enjoy the success that this line has to offer,” Sokol said.

Each Traveling Breeze item is competitively priced and designed to provide years of enjoyment. The products will be on display at the Las Vegas showroom C-1295. For sales inquiries, contact Andy Sokol at 757-650-4388 or email.

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