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Greenington Launches New Outdoor Division

Friday, July 24, 2015

Greenington Fine Bamboo Furniture will debut a new division of elegant outdoor furniture crafted in 100 percent solid Bamboo, the planet’s most eco-friendly, rapidly renewable resource. The new division, named Greenington Outdoor Bamboo Furniture, will exhibit the new line this September at the Casual Market Chicago. 

As the demand for tropical woods remains high, bamboo is an environmentally Green alternative. Bamboo is unique in the fact that it’s a “grass” rather than a wood, growing to maturity in five years or less, and making it one of the fastest-growing and sustainable plants on the planet. In addition to its incredible carbon absorbing properties, it’s harvested in such a way that it keeps the existing root system intact, producing new shoots indefinitely.

Each bamboo culm used in the production of Greenington products is individually selected by the local farmer and harvested by hand, reducing soil erosion and preserving the eco-system of the native bamboo forest. Bamboo has been shown to be 30 percent harder than teak, releases 35 percent more oxygen into the air, and grows to maturity in a fraction of the time of comparable wood forests.

Greenington is a Seattle-based company manufacturing 100 percent solid bamboo furniture for the mid- to high-end furniture market. With 20 plus years experience in manufacturing a wide variety of home furnishings in solid bamboo, Yang Lin, president and founder of Greenington, said, “Our dealers encouraged us to create this new concept in outdoor furniture. Greenington will continue to use cutting edge technology to develop new and innovative bamboo products while providing the best service for our customers. We strive to build mutually successful and long term relationships with our dealers.”

Empowered with the slogan, “Go with Bamboo, Live with Sustainability,” Greenington delivers a  winning combination providing high quality outdoor furniture with a low carbon footprint. Greenington is a founding member of the SFC, the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Call (253) 867-5460.

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