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Innovative Hearth Products Announces
Joint Venture with Stellar Hearth Products

Friday, January 16, 2015

Innovative Hearth Products (IHP) announced today a joint venture with Stellar Hearth Products to include a line of custom fireplace products designed by Stellar and marketed as part of IHP’s Astria brand. The product scope is planned to focus upon fireplaces and inserts with ease of installation, low-maintenance and stylish design options, inclusive of an offering of customizable fireplaces.

Several versions of the new product designs will be displayed during the HPBExpo and at the company's open house hosted at the Nashville, Tennessee, headquarters during spring 2015.

“We are excited to join forces with the Stellar Hearth Products team,” said Glenn Thomson, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for IHP. “Stellar Hearth’s renowned product-design excellence paves the way for the venture’s success. This, combined with the Astria brand’s existing position in the market, provides for one of the most creative and technologically advanced fireplace offerings in the industry.”

The union of Stellar Hearth Products’ design expertise and Astria’s branding and marketing campaigns is slated to broaden product portfolios for hearth dealers, benefitting them with a more robust line of state-of-the-art products and innovative options for retail purposes.

Stellar Hearth Products’ recently acquired approval of a UL-listed totally customizable fireplace will supply designers, architects, builders, remodelers and homeowners complete design flexibility. “We are confident through our network of distributors and dealers, we will be able to provide fantastic exposure for this exciting product line,” said Thomson. “Our IHP and Astria brand team plans to broaden the concept into a variety of well-promoted, configured units as well.”

IHP will be releasing new product announcements as a result of the venture beginning in March at the industry tradeshow.  

Visit the Innovative Hearth Products' website.
Visit the Stellar Hearth Products' website.

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