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A Worldwide Leader in the Premium Outdoor Furniture Sector

Monday, January 27, 2014, LUNEBURG, ZURICH

The owners of the market leading outdoor furniture brands DEDON and GLOSTER have decided to embark on a new journey, in a new direction, and to blaze this trail together. The result of this Partnership is DK FURNITURE BRANDS Holding AG, with its headquarters in Zürich. A worldwide leader in the Premium Outdoor Furniture Sector is born.
Under DK FURNITURE BRANDS Holding AG both companies, the German DEDON GmbH and the Swiss GLOSTER Furniture Holding AG, as they are already established, will continue to support their respective markets and remain unchanged in their design, sales and management structures.

"The Spirit, the creativity and innovative power of DEDON and GLOSTER combined with the sustainability, solidarity and business experience of the DIETHELM KELLER Group will bring these brands to a whole new level," says Angelo van Tol, CEO of DIETHELM KELLER Investments AG and Chairman of GLOSTER.
"I'm very excited to begin this new journey, " says DEDON founder Bobby Dekeyser. "We will carry on building a new vision of Outdoor Living, together." Angelo and Bobby have known each other since 1991, when they met each other at the Frankfurt Furniture Expo. After 22 years, their paths crossed once more at the Milan Furniture Expo in 2013. It was intended to be just a short meeting, however they ended up talking long into the night, about their visions for outdoor living in the future.

From this chance encounter, a friendship grew, and their ideas were developed even further: to build a worldwide leader in the Premium Outdoor Furniture sector. "Often in life we talk about those first few moments when we form an impression of someone. This was strongly confirmed in this instance," says Bobby Dekeyser.
Bobby, a former goalie for FC Bayern Munich, founded DEDON in 1990. DEDON invented a durable and environmentally friendly fiber, hand-woven by the best artisans in the world in the Philippines and completely revolutionized the Garden Furniture industry worldwide - from London to Tokyo - forever. Designs such as Orbit, Nestrest or Leaf are already considered design classics. Today DEDON is a global brand, with presence in 85 countries. DEDON owns its own fiber production facilities at the headquarters in Lüneburg and furniture manufacturing on Cebu, Philippines with 1,800 craftsmen.
GLOSTER is led by its Chairman, the entrepreneur Angelo van Tol. GLOSTER is the world 's leading manufacturer of premium outdoor teak furniture and was founded 50 years ago in Africa. Today it has grown into one of the most successful and trusted brands for premium outdoor furniture in the world with designs encompassing all the outdoor materials and is the world leader in outdoor upholstery. GLOSTER is represented in 52 countries, and has won many international design awards in the last 25 years. GLOSTER owns its own factory in Surabaya, Indonesia, with 1,000 craftsmen, and sources only teak that strictly adheres to the concept of sustainability.

Visit the website, or call Del Fonte Muse at (434) 517-2586.

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