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Cabana Coast Picks Up Experienced Reps, Continues Expanding

In Defense of the American Dream

Tropitone Introduces Spasso

Cabana Coast Picks Up
Experienced Reps, Continues Expanding


In business for 15 years, Cabana Coast manufacturers high-quality outdoor resin and aluminum furniture. The company has its own sewing facility in Mississauga, Ontario, where quality is always controlled and ship times are two to three weeks.

Three years ago, Cabana Coast (then called ActiWin) made the decision to expand into the U.S. retail market; Chad Harper was hired as director of Sales for the U.S. His background consists not just of expanding companies in the retail sector, but he also spent years running national companies in the contract/commercial market.

Since then, Cabana Coast has been able to hire some of the most professional and best representatives in the retail and commercial areas and has been expanding rapidly in both those divisions. The company now has representatives throughout the entire U.S.

Recently, the following reps were added to the Cabana Coast salesforce: Dana and Linda Fitts (MN, WS, IA, KS, ND, SD, NB); Dennis Dobbratz and Brian Bywaters (FL); Jim and Lori Cooke ( IL, MO); John O’Hare (New England states); Jim Hamlin ( TN, AR, LA, AL, MS); and Rick Dale (OR, WA, ID, MT, AK) – all were recently part of the Lane Venture group.

Other Cabana Coast representatives who have helped in the expansion are Tim Crowley (NJ, PA, DE, MD, NYC); Jon Scheaf (OH, IN, PA, WV); Dave Hill (NC, SC, VA, GA); and Bob Wilk (MI). 

Cabana Coast’s commercial division is also expanding rapidly throughout the U.S. and internationally, with specifications now approved by many hotel chains, resorts, casinos and restaurant chains.

With tight ship times of two weeks, strong competitive pricing, and a highly professional sales staff, Cabana Coast is poised to continue its expansion.

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In Defense of the American Dream


From RealtyTrac

Suddenly, the American Dream of homeownership is under assault. Some are claiming that homeownership is a poor investment. Others argue that mortgages are a bad idea.

Renters like Josh Barro, writing in The New York Times, are dissing the American Dream of homeownership, comparing it to buying food. Over at The Week, John Aziz penned an article titled “A mortgage is a terrible investment.” Aziz’s colleague, Ryan Cooper, came to the same conclusion, calling for the end to housing subsidies in an article with the headline “It’s time to kill the American Dream of homeownership.”

“The United States has become a starkly unequal plutocracy whose class structure is far more calcified than social democracies in Europe,” writes Cooper. “Still, even though the fact of inequality has become widely accepted, the aspirational creed of homeownership remains woven with the idea of America itself, both in terms of policy and culture. And that needs to end, as soon as possible.”

Unequal plutocracy?

Class structure?


“The problem is that a house is a crap investment,” concludes Cooper, a former New Republic writer. “It’s time to let that malignant symbol of the American Dream die a quick, quiet death.”

Wow, these guys are angry at homeowners.

In another article attacking housing policy – titled “Toward a fairer, saner housing policy” – Cooper argues for a “fairer” housing policy, claiming that the current “housing system” favors the wealthy.

But not everyone wants to be a renter.

The American Dream of homeownership is still alive and well today in the United States, according to Peter Francese, the founder of American Demographics magazine. The American Dream of homeownership, Francese argues, is not dead. He is convinced there is not a fundamental shift away from homeownership toward renting.

“We are not becoming a nation of renters,” said Francese, dismissing the idea that America is turning into a society of renters. “The past six years have been the worst years for real estate since the Great Depression. The recession is slowly coming to an end and homeownership is creeping up. It’s going to take a while, but it will rise back to 67 percent. I feel very positive about homeownership. The American Dream is to buy a house and send your kids to college.”

Francese predicts three substantial trends for housing in the coming decade. First, at 86 million strong, Millennials – sometimes called  Generation Y and defined by many demographers as ranging in age from 18 to 29 –  will leave their parents’ home, settle down, buy a house and start producing children – and possibly revive the stagnant housing market.

Second, he believes large numbers of Baby Boomers will either downsize to a smaller home or buy a smaller second flat, stimulating the ailing housing market. Third, Francese forecasts double-digit growth for senior housing as Baby Boomers age.

At the same time, Francese said, a lot of the increase in homeownership in the future will not take place in suburbia, but where Millennials are headed.

“This is a huge difference from previous decades,” he said, predicting a migration from suburbia to urban centers largely driven by Millennials and active Boomers. “Cities are gentrifying. Many cities are revitalizing and changing. Millennials are 50 percent Hispanic, African American or Asians. They actually prefer cities. We are looking at a new phenomenon. Homeownership growth will occur in urban areas.”

— Octavio Nuiry

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Spasso linking chair and round ottoman.

Tropitone Introduces Spasso


Tropitone Furniture Company opened the HD Expo & Conference in Las Vegas by announcing the introduction of the Spasso outdoor upholstered group with linking system for the Tropitone MODA brand.

“We are excited about the addition of the Spasso outdoor upholstered group with linking system to the Tropitone MODA brand,” said Tanya Stevens, vice president of Marketing & Service Operations. “Tropitone MODA offers distinctive fashion solutions for extraordinary spaces. All products have refined designs and meticulous workmanship. The brand personality is elegant, gracious and sophisticated.”

Stevens also pointed out, “Although the brand is targeted primarily at the commercial market segment, we believe many of the products will cross over and appeal to certain residential customers. The products were designed to withstand the outdoor environment, but we believe they will find their way to indoor spaces as well.”

Spasso was created by noted designer John Caldwell to address the styling and functional needs of upscale commercial spaces. The smooth, tight upholstery highlights simple and graceful lines. A subtle flair in the back allows the design to fit comfortably in a wide range of transitional and contemporary spaces.

“The Spasso group’s styling completely captures the polished, cultured & urbane personality of the Tropitone MODA brand,” said Tom Keddy, director of Product Management. “Spasso is also the first to utilize two of Tropitone’s new, innovative design features: 1) removable upholstered covers which enable easy replacement of the outer cover; and 2) a versatile linking system that allows seating, ottoman and accessory table models to be ‘ganged’ together in various lengths and patterns.”

 “A designer or property manager can circle them into one continuous loop, make a star, a crescent or any other shape that they desire,” said Peter Homestead, vice president of Design, “or leave them open-ended to wind around specific spaces. Each linking system connector has built-in pivoting that enables the Spasso models to stay linked and sitting evenly over rough or uneven surfaces. This pivoting feature also allows for simple pattern adjustments without the need to disconnect the linking system connectors.”

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