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Hearth & Home August 2020

2020 Retail Penetration:
Outdoor Room Products & Services

Photo courtesy: ©2020 Texas custom patios (project completed 2017).

In mid-June, a questionnaire was sent to 2,845 retailers of Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue products. A total of 167 were returned and usable.

The following chart tracks the percent of specialty retailers who sell products for Outdoor Rooms. We’ve been watching the ups and downs of different product categories for a few decades now, and there are always surprises.

Frankly, we would love to see some specialty retailers carrying most of the products shown here. The list represents a wonderful group of products that many consumers covet. But if you even carry 50% of those products, that is still a strong signal to your customers that you are the place to buy Outdoor Room products.

Retail Penetration: Outdoor Room Products & Services.

One Person’s Wish List

Wood Fireplace; Pellet Grill; Charcoal Grill, Patio Heaters; Pizza Oven; Barbecue Island; Outdoor Furniture; Refrigerator; Beverage Center; Outdoor Sink; Umbrellas; Kitchen Cabinets; Outdoor Lighting; Pergola; Stereo Equipment.

There are 15 products in that list. Put together they equal a spectacular Outdoor Room. Think about it.

There are 30 products in the list at the right. Out of that group, the product that gained the most ground is Electric Outdoor Fireplaces with an 11% increase in retail penetration, from 27% to 38%. That’s a huge jump.

Pizza Ovens came in second, going from 29% to 38% – another giant leap. Outdoor Wood Fireplaces came in third, with an increase of 7%, from 59% to 66%.

Design & Installations

Outdoor Kitchens continue to be a very hot item. You can choose to sell and install Outdoor Kitchens, or purchase modular units offered by a number of manufacturers. The percent of retailers choosing to sell and install Outdoor Kitchens went from 29% to 41%, an increase of 12%. It’s fair to say that four out of 10 retailers now sell and install Outdoor Kitchens!

The percent of retailers offering Design Services continues to grow. As our survey shows, it went from 32% to 35%, a small increase but significant.

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