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Hearth & Home April 2020

Three Awards For Napoleon

By Richard Wright


The company leaves with awards in two categories – Wood Products and Electric Products, as well as the Daniel J. Melcon Award for Best-in-Show – Hearth Products.

Once again, Jack Goldman, president and CEO of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, opened the Vesta Awards Program. This time, however, there was more – much more – to talk about than attendance figures, EPA regulations, and seminars.

Only a few days earlier, Goldman and a small group of board members had decided to stay the course and hold the HPBExpo as planned. That certainly wasn’t an easy call. Thus far, approximately 10 days out from when the educational seminars began, it still seems to be the correct call.

That call could be challenged over the next week or so.

The surprise was that so many retailers braved the danger of being part of a large group of people. Our guess, prior to the Expo, was that many retailers would not show up. We were wrong.

In fact, according to Goldman, there were as many retailers present as in the prior few years. An attendance record was set in seminar attendance – 175 people attended one seminar, that’s more than the room could seat.

Surprisingly, it was some manufacturers who decided to skip this Expo.

New Chairman

Goldman introduced the incoming chairman of the association, Dick Hoffman. A former retailer, he sold his business only a few months ago, and now wants to work on increasing the image of the hearth industry; he wants to give back to the industry that he has enjoyed for 20 years or so.

Given the dramatic drop in fireplaces going into new construction, Hoffman has his work cut out for him.

Operation BBQ Relief (OBR)

Stan Hays, co-founder of OBR, was on hand once more to explain what he, his team, and his cadre of volunteers have accomplished over the past year.

OBR is now a year-round affair; Hays and his group don’t have to wait for another disaster to occur. The Always Serving Project (ASP) was created to serve the Military, First Responders, and the Fight on Hunger.

In 2019, the ASP created 53 events, in 17 states, and served 318,600 meals over 150 days of deployment. OBR’s Disaster Response Team was at 10 disasters, in nine states, and served 140,808 meals over 61 days.

What Stan Hays and Will Cleaver have accomplished is truly amazing, and it’s all being done through charitable donations.

This is your chance to secure a place in heaven, or at least to be part of the lottery – go to

The Vesta Awards Program

This is the 20th anniversary of the Vesta Awards Program. It was created to Honor Innovation in Design and/or Technology. This year there were 58 products entered, 30 in the Hearth category, and 28 in the Outdoor Room category. The eight judges who decided on winners and finalists had complete control of the process. It was their decision whether to designate a Winner, and/or one Finalist, or two, or none at all.

The following descriptions of products are the words of the manufacturers.

Vesta Awards – Best-in-Show

L to R: Bud Harris and Austin Gurney.

Outdoor Room Products

Mr Bar-B-Q Products

Donovan Fire Pit

This is a 38-inch LP gas fire pit patented with Dual Heat technology that provides full body warmth. It is designed with black steel and an oil-rubbed bronze finish with a faux wood top for a rustic charm. Includes bronze fire glass and a protective cover. Simple to assemble and uses a LP gas grill tank.

The Dual Heat technology provides four different uses: as a fire pit, patio heater, table, or both fire pit and patio heater. The infrared emitter that sits right below the table top warms your legs while the top of the fire pit warms your upper body. The table insert can also be stored right on the inside of the fire pit door when not in use.

Call (800) 762-1142 or visit

Outdoor Hearth Products

Mr Bar-B-Q Products

Donovan Fire Pit
(Category Winner)

L to R: Ingrid Schroeter and Paul Hodges.

Daniel J. Melcon Award
Best-in-Show Hearth Products


Smart Wood Stove

With the ever-increasing pressure to reduce particulates, and our continued belief in wood as a sustainable heating solution, this revolutionary stove uses an exclusive Eco-mode technology that measures real time particulate emissions and automatically adjusts the burn characteristics to maintain the cleanest burn possible, all easily controlled through a simple and intuitive app.

In the past, those consumers that have shied away from wood-burning appliances, intimidated by the prospect of successfully lighting the stove, will benefit from a truly revolutionary auto-ignition mode.

Heavy plate steel, ceramic glass, 1.9 cu. ft. firebox capacity, burn time of eight hours, heavy duty 5/16-inch firebox top, ceramic fiber baffle system.

  • Auto ignition and start-up mode automatically brings the wood to a steady-burn state.
  • Burn rate and room temperature can be set with the push of a button on the stove or by using the Napoleon Mobile App.
  • Multiple fail safes such as start-up failure and over-fire prevention ensure that operating a wood stove has never been safer or easier.
  • Revolutionary Patent-pending, emission sensing, Eco-mode technology.

Call (800) 461-5581 or visit

Wood Products


Smart Wood Stove

Outdoor Room Products: Category Winners

Adam Carter.

Charcoal, Wood Barbecues & Smokers

Masterbuilt Manufacturing

Charcoal Grill & Smoker

The Gravity Series 1050 is the world’s first digital-controlled Charcoal Grill and Smoker. A variable speed digital fan supplies oxygen to the fire to maintain the perfect temperature during the entire cook. From the light of a match, it only takes eight minutes to heat up to 225°F, and only 15 minutes to reach 700°F.

The charcoal hopper holds 10 lbs. of lump charcoal or 16 lbs. of briquettes, delivering 8-10 hours of burn time on each hopper. Add wood chunks to the hopper or the ash bucket and get beautiful smoke rings every time. The hopper can be completely shut down to save remaining charcoal for the next cooking session.

Control the temperature, or monitor the temp, time, and up to four meat probes from the control panel, or remotely from your smart device via WiFi or Bluetooth connection. The Gravity Series 1050 now allows you to get perfect charcoal flavor with the push of a button.

Call (678) 866-0642 option 2 for dealer line or visit

L to R: Paul Cira and Rob Ricci.

Barbecue Accessories

Proud Grill Company

Magnetic BBQ Tool Set

An elegant contemporary design combined with the innovative and unique way the two BBQ Tools connect with magnetic handles. The two pieces – Spatula and Fork – can be used individually but also connect to each other to use as Tongs and a Server. You no longer need four separate tools.

They are also innovative because, while grilling, you can hang the tools from the side of most BBQ’s, Smokers and Ceramic Grills. We also include a metal plate with 3M tape to use underneath a grill shelf in case the grade of stainless steel on the grill is not magnetic. Plus, after use they can nest on top of each other for easy storage.

Call (416) 728-1362 or visit

Mark Timpson.

Outdoor Room Equipment


Truma Cooler Portable Fridge/Freezer

There are many electric coolers on the market, but the Truma Cooler is made for rough and rugged adventures. It’s strong enough to stand on, with reinforced corners. Flush side handles were designed to save space in tight areas. With a Smart Bluetooth App, the Truma Cooler can be controlled when you’re out exploring or headed home from the grocery store.

The Truma Cooler can be used as a refrigerator or freezer, and is available in a wide variety of sizes and series. Amenities include: Smart Bluetooth App control, intuitive digital display with fast turbo cooling, accessible 12/24V connection on both ends, USB port, reversible lids (available on coolers 60 liters and larger), bottle openers on both ends, reinforced corners/hinges, and an interior LED light. It comes with a one-year warranty. Dimensions: 36 x 21 x 20 inches, weight is 79 lbs.

Call (855) 558-7862 or visit

L to R: Scott Sears and Bob Clawson.

Barbecues, Other Fuels

Empire Comfort Systems

Primo JR 200

This is a Primo oval JR 200 ceramic grill with electric elements and controls. We are combining the heat and moisture retention of a ceramic grill with the simple temperature and cooking controls of an electric grill. The best of both worlds.

Call (618) 233-7420 or visit

Leslie Chapus.

Outdoor Room Furnishings



This cabana is made of aluminum and is 10 x 10 ft., powder-coated, with two standard colors – gray bronze, or white. The K-Bana does not need a permit in any state. We can add a roof that opens and closes, sliding, louvered walls, or fixed louvered walls.

A structure on the base is already provided to directly fix any filling (tile, wood, fake grass) as flooring. The roof can be constructed with a sandwich panel for complete insulation, or with manual louvers that open and close for shade. It is also waterproof, and can be combined with two or three units to create a complete area with kitchen and lounge

Call (305) 607-1722 or visit

Zack Tips.

Gas Barbecues

Ooni Pizza Ovens

Koda 16

Designed with frequent entertainers and street food operators in mind, the gas-powered Ooni Koda 16 is an impressive pizza oven model that blends the ease and convenience of gas power with an impressive and beautiful design.

The first pizza oven from Ooni to include a new, innovative L-shaped flame, this feature creates a stunning, powerful waterfall effect flame that – along with the built-in, patented flame keeper technology – directs heat down and over dishes for an efficient, consistent heat and super-fast cook times.

The large stone baking board optimizes heat for perfectly cooked, crispy pizza bases, while the powder-coated, durable body is packed with ceramic fiber insulation for weather protection and ultimate heat retention.

Call 01 332 999 2919 or visit

Hearth Products: Category Winners

L to R: Jacob Wiltshire and Chris Schroeter.

Electric Products


Heat & Cool Electric Fireplace

A Patent-pending industry first. Napoleon has combined the beauty and warmth of an electric fireplace with cutting edge Energy Star rated HVAC technology – making it the most efficient fireplace on the planet! Perfect for small spaces, room additions, and homes looking to add an extra level of comfort.

By combining the efficiency of a super-high efficiency air source heat pump and the aesthetics of a fireplace, we were able to have the best of both worlds – more heating output, up to 50% less electricity consumption and cooling in a unique integrated Patent-pending system. A multi-color flame, ember bed, and subtle snowflake effect create beauty and elegance for any room.

No venting or expensive ductwork are required for effective zone heating. With multiple units you can heat and cool your entire residence.

Call (800) 461-5581 or visit

L to R: Sean Steimle, Jim Karns, Greg Steck, and Chad Ewing.

Hearth/Barbecue Components & Controls

HPC Fire Inspired

Uni-Flo Universal Gas Orifice

This is the first universal orifice that can run both NG and LP gases from one unit at higher Btu outputs. Converting to the other gas type is simple, and in just a few seconds it can be converted without any disassembly of the gas appliance. If a wrong gas type is purchased, currently the appliance must be sent back to the manufacturer, the manufacturer changes the gas type, then sends it back to the end user. This process can take over a week and is costly. With Uni-Flo, this process is now simple. In addition, one gas type can be sold, and it can be converted during the field install. Patent-pending.

Call (937) 436-9800 or visit

Gas Products

NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry

The Ultimate Outdoor Game Cabinet

Simply put, the Matrix family of indoor fireplaces delivers choice without compromise. With four set-up configurations, and various fuel type options, the Matrix delivers ultimate choice for consumers. Homeowners can mix and match throughout the home, choosing the fireplace configuration and fuel type that best suits the unique requirements of each space. The Matrix can be installed as front/one-sided, right and left corner/two-sided and bay/three-sided.

In addition to this new level of fireplace customization, the new Matrix features the most luxurious flame on the market. Plus, a patented, five-burner system allows users to adjust both flame height and width. Unique to the Faber brand, the fireplace logs sit on top of the burner, so that the flames wrap around the log set to create the most realistic, burning flame effect. This modern fireplace is 44.9 x 42 x 23.7 inches deep – an impressive size that becomes a true focal point in any room.

Call (800) 668-6663 or visit

L to R: Michael Athay and Joseph Elwell.

The Art of Fire

British Fires

New Forest Electric Fire

Named after our local National Park in Southern England, the New Forest, we have built the New Forest Electric Fire to have the most realistic Fuel-bed logs, LED flame-effect, and efficient heating system available today.

Pioneered by our ambitious engineers and designers we crafted an electric fire that not only looks the part but plays it, convincingly. We wanted to have the most realistic looking logs possible, so we found our inspiration from our local New Forest National Park. The detailing and quality is truly second-to-none.

Behind the New Forest logs is the LED flame-effect that by many accounts is the best on the market and most realistic. It really is a stunning feature that can be used independent of heat in order to create a nice ambiance or focal point.

Air Curtain Technology is the New Forest’s patented heating system. Placed discreetly at the top of the fire, it widely disperses warm air through-out the room while also pulling cooler air in through a separate vent.

Call 44 (0) 783 665 2067 or visit

Hearth Accessories

No Winner

Hearth Products, Other Fuels

No Winner

Pellet Products

No Entries

Central Heating Systems

No Entries

Vesta Awards – Finalists


1. Charcoal, Wood Barbecues & Smokers

a. DeliVita
The Very Black Oven

View Website

b. Father's Cooker
Father's Cooker

(418) 934-6876
View Website



2. Barbecues Accessories

a. Apption Labs

(818) 929-8907
View Website

b. Looft Industries
Looftlighter X

(855) 905-6638
View Website



3. Outdoor Hearth Products

a. Breck Ironworks
The Summit

(970) 759-3103
View Website

b. HPC Fire Inspired
SmartArc Electronic Tiki Torch

(937) 436-9800
View Website



4. Outdoor Room Furnishings

a. Berlin Gardens
Mayhew Chat Chair

(800) 593-3411
View Website


Gas Barbecues

No Finalists

Barbecues, Other Fuels

No Finalists

Outdoor Room Equipment

No Finalist


1. Wood Products

a. Charnwood

+44 1983 537770
View Website

b. Stûv America
Stûv 6

(866) 487-7888
View Website



2. Electric Products

a. Glen Dimplex Americas
PLX Slim Linear

(800) 668-6663
View Website


3. Hearth/Barbecue
Components & Controls

a. Flame-tec

(844) 352-6383
View Website

b. Flame-tec
Cooking IQ

(844) 352-6383
View Website



4. Gas Products

a. European Home
Sky M

(781) 324-8383
View Website

b. European Home

(781) 324-8383
View Website



Hearth Products, Other Fuels

No Finalists

Hearth Accessories

No Finalists

The Art of Fire

No Finalists

Pellet Products

No Entries

Central Heating Systems

No Entries

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