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Hearth & Home January 2020

Electric Fireplace Installations

Here’s how some electric fireplaces are being installed; that may be the key to specialty dealers being successful with the category.

Bon Air Hearth, Porch and Patio

Richmond, Virginia

The Dimplex XLF60 (linear) is installed in a custom cabinet surround raised to allow for maximum viewing angles. It features the optional Driftwood 74 kit.

Call (804) 320-3600 or visit to learn more.

Visbeen Architects

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The design we ultimately chose for the space was the Napoleon Allure Phantom 60 with a traditional surround. By adding an elegant, custom-designed surround, as we have done here, the unit looks more integrated with the room.

We have plantation shutters, a Visual Comfort light fixture designed by Kate Spade, as well as woven materials in this space that all play well in a classic genre.

Call (616) 285-9901 or visit to learn more.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The clients were moving into a new-build townhouse on the lake. They wanted a feature wall with fireplace and TV on each of three levels. Based on the size of the TVs being installed, we specified the Dimplex XLF74 74-inch wide linear fireplace with driftwood kit.

In our showroom, they had seen the Impex metal wall panels and wanted them for this space. For the TV recess, we had our cabinetmakers create a black box that the contractors incorporated into the wall. The speaker bar and cable box sit at the bottom of the TV niche, while cables and wires run behind the niche.

Call (905) 889-1239 or visit to learn more.

Bay Stoves

Edgewater, Maryland

The customer had a wood-burning, pre-fab fireplace. Bay Stoves installed a Modern Flames electric insert in its place. The customer is extremely happy with the entire buying and installing process, as well as the convenience of electric over wood.

Call (410) 956-7101 or visit to learn more.

Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

We installed the Napoleon Alluravision 60 Slim then used barn board from a farm in Quebec that was from the 1700s. It was stripped and cleaned so there is no smell, bugs, etc. The mantel is from old railroad ties that were buried. We had them dug up and stained.

Call (877) 761-6354 or visit to learn more.

El Paso Fireplaces

El Paso, Texas

This was for the Festival of Homes here in El Paso, Texas. The builder wanted something different from the others in the show, and he came up with the cabinet idea with the Napoleon Allure 100.

Call (915) 260-8433 or visit to learn more.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The clients were moving into a new-build townhouse on the lake. We specified the Dimplex XLF74 linear fireplace with driftwood kit. They had seen the leather panels in our showroom, and we paired them with a stone that combined rough and smooth surfaces in black and gray tones to work with floors and countertops in this space.

Call (905) 889-1239 or visit to learn more.

Krella Gas Fireplaces

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This project was installed in a high-end condominium lobby in order to provide owners and guests a sense of warmth, gathering, and community when they get home. The inspiration for the design was actually two-part. We knew we needed an electric fireplace due to the space and the constraints on gas lines and real fire in the lobby, and chose the Napoleon Alluravision 60 Deep Depth.

So our first goal was to make it look like a gas fireplace and as premium as possible, thus the marble tile surround. Second, we had to cover a few unsightly spots where damage existed on the wall and ceiling. Therefore, we built up the premium surround to go from floor to ceiling.

Call (519) 766-4060 or visit to learn more.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This client had a builder’s gas fireplace between two windows. She wanted to update the look and replace gas with electric. We worked with a local cabinetmaker.

We had the gas fireplace removed, repaired the floor, and put up a wall-mounted Amantii WM-BI-34-4423 electric fireplace with custom picture frame to camouflage the sides and highlight the backlighting. We lined the bottom of the frame with tempered glass, to deflect some of the heat from the painted surface of the frame.

Call (905) 889-1239 or visit to learn more.

Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The clients were renovating their family room and wanted to add a fireplace feature wall. We specified the Sierra Flame WM-FML-72-7823 for its size and backlighting. We also liked the fact that the metal faceplate eliminated any reflections from the window on the opposite wall. Behind the fireplace, we selected Erthcoverings Silver Fox Strips, installed vertically, for texture and interest with a modern twist.

Call (905) 889-1239 or visit to learn more.

Martin Sales and Service

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The customer wanted a custom-built, Hearth & Home Technologies, SimpliFire electric fireplace including a media console with hidden storage.

Call (724) 283-6281 or visit to learn more.

Fireside Supply Inc.

Hebron, Connecticut

This electric frankenstove was the outcome of a couple that came into our showroom one fall looking for a nonoperational wood stove that they could install into their 1700’s historical home in Tolland, Connecticut. They did not have a functional chimney so they only wanted the stove to look and fit the feel for the period of the home. After showing them around some old Vermont Castings stoves that we had removed over the years, they settled on the Vermont Castings Defiant 1. We started to entertain electric log sets to authenticate the look inside the firebox.

We had an Dimplex Opti-myst log insert on the floor so we looked at inserting the log set into the Defiant for authenticity. I started by gutting the Defiant of any cast parts that could be removed to make as much room as possible to fit the log set. It fit wonderfully with a few minor alterations. Next we painted the stove and delivered and installed it in their home. It fit the look and space perfectly and they loved the final product. Maybe this could be a good use of the older VC wood stoves as opposed to scrapping them and losing them to history.

Call (860) 228-1383 or visit to learn more.

StoneCraft Studios

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

StoneCraft Studios designed and installed this contemporary project for the personal residence of a local builder. The Dimplex Ignite XLF Series is trimmed out with a MagraHearth non-combustible, graphite colored, natural wood, four-piece fireplace surround.

The top of the stone is capped off with a coordinating natural wood mantel that wraps around on each side of the unit. To complete the design, six sets of MagraHearth Silver Decorative Brackets were used.

Call (414) 431-3907 or visit to learn more.

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