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Hearth & Home November 2019


Parting Shot: Views All Around

Norway is perhaps best known for its coastal fjords, but the northern landscape has much to offer in its interior as well. Architecture firm Snøhetta took the opportunity to design a robust but low-impact building for visitors to immerse themselves in the Dovre Mountain plateau, home to musk oxen, arctic foxes, and reindeer herds that roam amid a rich variety of plants and wonderful views.

The pavilion is elemental in its use of a steel skin, glass walls, and an extraordinary wood core. A bank of windows overlooks the Snøhetta Mountain from Tverrfjellet, a plateau at the elevation of 1,200 meters (3,937 feet).


The robust organic quality of the wall was achieved by cutting large wooden beams on a CNC machine. The 25-cm square beams were then stacked and secured with wooden pegs to create the undulating effect. The wall looks as though it is deeply weathered, eroded by eons of wind and water. A bump out provides seating next to a suspended indoor fireplace (Gyrofocus by Focus Fires), and the exterior has a similar seating arrangement.

The view from the pavilion appears ideal for watching the night sky and the plethora of wildlife, and, of course, the wildlife also have an ideal view into the pavilion.

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