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Hearth & Home May 2019

Happy National Barbecue Month!

The weather is warming up and people are heading outside to cook – and we want to know why. And we want to share their reasons because grilling is personal but it unites us as a community.

In 2019, HPBA launched its #WhyIGrill campaign. We’re creating a growing online community for everyone to share why they grill.

We’ve turned to current and prospective grillers, from first-time grill owners and award-winning pitmasters to manufacturers and retailers and asked them to share online and through social media their love of barbecuing. Their answers have been as varied as anyone could imagine and we are capturing those reasons on our new website.

This new website is our online hub for this campaign. Each month, we are featuring a grilling “ambassador,” who will share why they grill and encourage others to do the same via images and stories. Our first four ambassadors included former NFLer turned professional chef, Tobias Dorzon; Christie Vanover, owner/operator of Girls Can Grill; grilling expert Matt Pittman, owner of Meat Church BBQ; and Boog Powell, Orioles legend and professional barbecuer.

For National Barbecue Month in May, we’ve turned to Stan Hays, founder and CEO of Operation Barbecue Relief. Each of our ambassadors have their own reasons why they love to grill and are spreading that love through social media and on our website.

The WhyIGrill website is also home to recipes to inspire the backyard barbecuer. These will include favorite dishes from our monthly ambassadors, HPBA members, or just our own personal favorites. It includes tips and tricks which will feature information on how to pick the best grill, provide advice on grill safety and cleaning, and guidance on how to grill all year round. We continuously update the site with information about the latest activities and promotions surrounding grilling.

We are calling on the industry to get involved. Engage on social media by using #WhyIGrill to join in the growing community of barbecue enthusiasts as you share your reasons to grill.

Whether it’s video, images or a simple text, tell us why you love to grill. We are sharing select posts on our homepage.

Download our toolkit. We’ve created sample materials that a retailer or manufacturer or any other grilling enthusiast can use to spread their message. Go to to download the kit which includes logos, graphics, signage, sample posts, and more.

Promote the ambassadors and all our seasonal promotions. Right now it’s National Barbecue Month and we are holding contests and offering up 31 Reasons to Grill – one for each day of the month. Later, we’ll be highlighting popular grilling days like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. We’ll also promote year round grilling with Thanksgiving tips and Wintercue.

Outdoor living is turning into a big business. We want potential grillers to finally take the plunge and fire up that grill! We want grilling enthusiasts to find even more reasons to grill and share their love of outdoor cooking. And we want the grillmasters to tell their story about how they got started, why they do it and why everyone can find the right grill for their lifestyle. It’s on us to help consumers realize what grilling means to so many people and #WhyIGrill is a great way to share those reasons.

The HPBA Journal is intended to provide in-depth information to the hearth and outdoor products industries. Statements of fact and opinion are the responsibility of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the officers, board, staff or members of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association.

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