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Hearth & Home November 2018

Parting Shot: Woven Cement

PhotoS COURTESY: ©2018 Woven-Concrete-Benches ©studio 7.5 Concrete-Printing ©XtreeE.

Berlin-based designers Studio 7.5 collaborated with Parisian 3D printing experts XtreeE to create a series of continuously printed concrete benches with a woven pattern. 

The three outdoor benches were printed using XtreeE’s technology and equipment, which includes a six-axis 3D-printing robot that can print concrete and clay with extreme precision.

The concrete is printed in alternate layers by the robot head, moving in a continuous oscillating wave and slowly building up the layers. This movement creates the woven pattern.

The bench is also much lighter than it could have been in solid concrete, and the pattern plays an important role in the aesthetic of the bench.

According to the designers, the woven pattern was developed specifically for the benches, and hasn’t been used before.

Since the launch of the bench, the material has been employed by other artists and companies working with XtreeE. These benches form part of a collection of custom-made street furniture by Studio 7.5, best known for its longstanding relationship with the brand Herman Miller. The studio’s Cosm Chair for Herman Miller has been long-listed for the inaugural Dezeen Design Awards.

In the Netherlands a bridge has been fabricated from 3D-printed concrete, and the Eindhoven University of Technology is creating a series of concrete houses that they will 3D print and make available to rent.

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