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Hearth & Home March 2018

2018 New Products

Bull Outdoor Products

The cast stainless-steel Bar Burner has 15,000 Btus and two internal stainless-steel baffles to manipulate gas pressure and output to change flame intensity and reduce hot and cold spots. It also creates a more even heating surface. Call (800) 521-2855, go to or visit booth 1444.


ROBAX Magic creates design options for improving the appearance of room-heating devices requiring low thermal expansion and high temperature stability. The panels create the impression of additional reflections made by the flames, making the fire look larger than it is. The glass ceramic panels are easily cleaned. Call (502) 657-4414, go to or visit booth 1908.

Onward Manufacturing

Built-in grilling centers have unique modular pod cabinet systems and components. The grilling centers offer choices ranging from the six-burner Imperial LX to the four-burner Regal, as cabinet models or grill head only. Call (800) 265-2272, go to or visit booth 2134.


With a stunning appearance, the Tunnel 170H fireplace has a matte black interior or optional black ceramic reflective glass and a 68-in. wide glass viewing area. Controls are standard with an optional remote-control wall switch. Call (818) 238-7000, go to or visit booth 2434.

OW Lee

Bringing together elements of light, color and fire, the Zen Fire Pit invites guests to sit and relax. The LED light display features over 1,600 color options and creates a calming area to gather and socialize. Call (800) 776-9533, go to or visit booth 627.

Warming Trends

The CROSSFIRE Brass Burners Tree-Style Series offers a stunning wall of fire. Utilizing the 1+1+1=9 Compounding Flame Effect, the linear fire takes on a new and eye-catching appearance. Pictured is the Centipede CROSSFIRE Brass Burner. Call (877) 556-5255, go to or visit booth 1557.

Regency Fireplace Products

Designed with European style, the Contura Ri50 wood fireplace has clean, modern lines to add bold style and warmth to any home. The functional, beautiful fireplace can easily be installed into any room. Call (800) 442-7432, go to or visit booth 2534.


Add the mellow smoked barbecue flavor of sugar maple to the grill with Smoked Sugar Maple Wood Chunks and Logs. The flavor of the chunks and logs can be used to season all cuts of meat, for use on the charcoal grill and wood pizza ovens. Call (800) 463-0909, go to or visit booth 1257.


Featuring a windproof design, the PL60VO outdoor fireplace has glass doors and invisimesh safety screen. The fireplace requires no venting and is rated for wood-frame construction. Made of 304 stainless steel, the unit has two dual blowers. A stand-alone stainless-steel enclosure is available for the 42- and 60-in. sizes. Call (800) 378-3115, go to or visit booth 3044.

Pacific Energy

The Tofino i40 gas insert comes in three sizes and Btu output ranges. Choose from the SIT Proflame 2 or Maxitrol valve system, with easy installation and serviceability. The Design-A-Fire system has interchangeable burners and firebox panels. Call (888) 223-0088, go to or visit booth 2522.

Wellspring Components

With a powder-coated aluminum frame and top, as well as fade, scratch and rot resistant solid plastic doors in green, red or black, the Ceramic Grill Cart is durable. Heavy duty wheels have two locking casters and hinges are of stainless steel. Call (260) 768-7336, go to or visit booth 801.


For something different, the LS 150H fireplace curves around the corner of the wall; the Left Side 150H has a bigger glass viewing area. Other features are direct venting and a beautiful granite interior. Call (818) 238-7000, go to or visit booth 2434.

Big Green Egg

High-quality Cast Iron Cookware is custom designed with oversized, easy-to-grip handles to work seamlessly with the EGG. The Dutch Oven, Deep Skillets, Grilling Planchas and Sauce Pot are built to deliver years of cooking enjoyment. Call (800) 793-2292, go to or visit booth 1344.


Handy SCHOTT NEXTREMA Burner Shields are long lasting and nearly maintenance free. The non-corrosive glass-ceramic can withstand temperatures of up to 925° Celsius, giving it a much longer lifespan than many burner shield materials. Call (502) 657-4414, go to or visit booth 1908.

J.A. Roby

The CICERO LX wood cookstove has a six-in. diameter flue, and room for 20-in. logs in the combustion chamber. Primary and secondary air corridors are stainless steel. Other features are a glass cleaning air wash system and oven with stainless-steel interior. A chrome grill and thermometer are included inside the oven. Call (866) 849-8095, go to or visit booth 3034.

Weber Grills

The Spirit II series of gas grills is available in two models, and four bold colors to bring that added spark to your backyard. Each grill is equipped with the innovative and powerful GS4 grilling system, iGrill 3 capability, and a host of other great features Call (800) 446-1071, visit or visit booth 1928.

Bull Outdoor Products

The powerful Diablo Grill has 105,000 Btus with six main cast stainless-steel burners and a large infrared back burner. ReliaBull even heat technology allows for grilling, roasting or baking. Other features are stainless-steel rotisserie and cooking grates and Piezo igniters. Call (800) 521-2855, go to or visit booth 1444.

Regency Fireplace Products

The Grandview GP765E is a reinvention of the company’s popular P36 gas fireplace. Features include a clean-face window for viewing of the large fire and traditional and contemporary design options so homeowners can customize the fireplace to any interior style. Call (800) 442-7432, go to or visit booth 2534.

Peak Season

Natural Neutrals is a collection of decorative outdoor accent furniture and accessories. The restful colors and the variety of pieces in the collection allow the homeowner to personalize any outdoor living space to their style and taste. Call (866) 563-1732, go to or visit booth 1144.


The Pellet Kettle has a backside hopper that holds 10.2 lbs. of pellets. The easy-to-read multi-function control panel has 10 settings, and the heavy-duty porcelain cooking grate has 410 sq. in. of cooking space. A tiered grease tray channels grease away into a collection bucket, and the stainless-steel fire pot has 19,000 Btus. Call (800) 321-3473, go to or visit booth 2939.


The eye-catching Prodigy is a robust, commercially-rated fireplace utilizing frameless Cool Pack glass technology. Homeowners can enjoy the fireplace with a completely unrestricted view, making it a beautiful addition to any room. Call (800) 378-3115, go to or visit booth 3044.

Gold Eagle

Remove mold and mildew stains from water-safe surfaces with 303 Mold & Mildew Cleaner & Blocker. The product cleans unsightly mold and mildew and prevents stains from reappearing. The fresh-scent cleaner does not contain bleach and works safely on vinyl, plastic and painted surfaces. Call (800) 367-3245, go to or visit booth 2935.

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The Kenwood Dining Fire Pit Table has an easy-to-care-for composite deck top and base that brings a modern, warm look to any outdoor area. The elevated 12- x 42-in. Crystal Fire Burner is safe and provides a striking focal point. Call (866) 303-4028, go to or visit booth 1200.

Solus Décor

The Hemi 36-in. Fire Pit has a metal table and a drinks ring. When the flame is not in use, a full table can be accessed. The fire pit comes in 10 color choices, and fuel options include manual and electronic in natural or LP gas and manual in bio fuel. Specially designed all-weather fabric covers protect fire features year-round. Call (877) 255-3146, go to or visit booth 3235.

Olympia Chimney Supply

Ventis Direct Vent uses Smooth-Weld Technology, so the seams are nearly invisible. The vent can be powder coated in a choice of eight colors to match a stove or a home’s décor and is listed for gas-fired direct vent and pellet appliances. Call (800) 569-1425, go to or visit booth 2008.

Music City Fire Company

12th South Trunk systems combine modern materials for an industrial style, plus music, to any outdoor space. The fire table is made of reclaimed wood or smooth concrete, and paired with the company’s Sound Reactive Systems. The structures are made to withstand the elements. Call (866) 615-6232, go to or visit booth 1103.


The Vittoria C is a 50,000 Btu pellet stove with 61-lb. hopper and ceramic sides. The cast-iron top and door create a modern, solid design. The burning pot features a moving bottom element to allow a self-cleaning process at every start up. Call (415) 966-5415, go to or visit booth 714.

Napoleon Grills

The Rogue 525 with Infrared SIZZLE ZONE Side Burner is made of durable stainless steel and has handy folding side shelves. Features include dual level stainless-steel searing plates, four stainless-steel tube burners for 745 sq. in. of cooking area (including an infrared side burner) and 57,000 Btus. Call (888) 721-8324, go to or visit booth 2208.


The Express to Go outdoor kitchen includes an AOG 30-in. L series grill, double access doors and triple drawer storage. The Melbourne kitchen comes finished with Africa Persa polished granite countertop with eased edge and Fir strip tile. Call (800) 367-7429, go to or visit booth 1916.

Icon Grills

Catering to the barbecue chef’s preferences, the Icon Kamado Pellet Insert offers pellet, charcoal or gas cooking. The easy-to-clean Insert uses 50% less fuel, burns 40 to 50% hotter, and sears, grills, smokes and bakes. Ceramic insulation allows chefs to cook in extremely cold weather. Call (877) 917-4273, go to or visit booth 2700.

Onward Manufacturing

For a perfect alternative to wrapping ribs in foil, the Rib Roaster stands meat vertically in the roaster on a stainless roasting rack. Simply put the lid on and roast away; ribs steam in their own juices. The roaster is made of heavy cast iron and is built to last. Call (800) 265-2150, go to or visit booth 2134.

Stove Builders International

The Stowood Firewood Storage offers a new, modern way to store firewood. Made of 14-gauge, powder-coated steel, it is built to withstand years of heavy usage while still maintaining an attractive appearance. The Stowood can be installed vertically or horizontally, freestanding or built-in with an optional half-in. overlay frame and assembles in 20 minutes. Call (418) 908-8002, go to or visit booth 2000.

Energy Distribution

The ÎLot down-draft, cast-iron wood stove has a sleek appearance and creates a mesmerizing fire. The stove has low emissions and high environmental performance. Features include an air wash system and handy front log loading. Call (877) 257-2251, go to or visit booth 622.


Cleaning is easy with DuraChimney II Chimney Caps, featuring a space-saving design. There is no loose hardware and the top has a handy twist-off feature. Save up to five-inches in diameter for a better fit when used with shrouds. Call (800) 766-3473, go to or visit booths 822 and 722.

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