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Hearth & Home February 2017

February News

Modern Flames’s Revolutionary “Steam” Fireplace

Whether you call it an electric fireplace or a steam fireplace, Modern Flames has taken electric fireplaces to a new level with its revolutionary FusionFire. Called a “steam” fireplace, the FusionFire fireplace projects colored LED lighting onto a curtain of steam to produce extremely realistic, tall and random three-dimensional flames. Ordinary electric fireplaces use a back screen, mirror or cold-water mist to produce a flame image.

In development for two years, Modern Flames’ patented steam flame technology results from an exclusive licensing agreement with Technifex, a leader in the special effects industry. The steam curtain on which the flame image is projected is produced from a 2.9 gallon internal reservoir, or the FusionFire fireplace can be plumbed into an existing water line.

The technology uses only .2 gallons of water per hour. If relying on the internal water reservoir, the FusionFire fireplace can produce flame images for more than 14 hours before refilling the reservoir. At .2 gallons per hour, the moisture produced is extremely low; far less than that produced by household gas appliances. The FusionFire fireplace is being tested to and certified to Underwriters Laboratories’ standard for steam appliances.

An internal computer controls steam production, flame height and pattern and lighting intensity, and includes a user display for settings and user guidance.

The new FusionFire model requires only a standard 120-volt household circuit. It will be available in the third quarter of 2017 as a 60-in. model with smaller and larger sizes planned for the future. Other features include a water filtration system and an optional 5,000 Btu heater.

“Our FusionFire fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in residential, commercial and hospitality applications,” according to Kris Richardson, Modern Flames’ president, “and is a perfect solution for new Green building codes and Net Zero-type requirements.” Call (877) 246-9353 or visit


The Paris Collection is expanding in 2017 to include a deep-seating lounge chair, sofa and ottoman. The collection has a sophisticated, modern design, intersecting formal and casual dining. It is made of durable, all-weather wicker expertly hand-woven around teak frames; exposed teak legs have a gray wash finish that complements wicker fiber and coordinates with the Brussels and Valhalia tables. Call (703) 361-7000 or visit

Peak Season

The Inspired Visions Dash-of-Color Accessory Collection from Peak Season was designed to make the busy life of a retailer less stressful. The collection of outdoor accents comes in a preconfigured order pack that allows the dealer to set up and merchandise this same look on their retail floor with a very streamlined and single assortment ordering process.

The Dash-of-Color accents are right on trend and demographically in demand. Call (866) 563-1732 or visit

California Umbrella

The CaliSeries has ample shade and a multi-functional cantilever that rotates 360 degrees on a side mounted mast. Umbrellas offer style, as well as much-needed shade and shelter, on the deck, patio or poolside. Call (909) 622-4800, or visit

Aspen Brands

String lights (model SL2525) from the PartyLightSeries bring festive illumination to outdoor gatherings. Each set of lights comes fully assembled with clear bulbs and light strings for a bistro/café look. Call (702) 946-9430 or visit

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