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Hearth & Home August 2016

Who Reads Hearth & Home?
Alyce Wittus, for one!

Pound Ridge, New York

Occupation: “Vice president, Wittus – Fire by Design.”

Special Interests/Hobbies: “Tennis, traveling, bridge and, most of all, baking cookies, playing Candy Crush, and jumping on the trampoline with our five-year-old grandson.”

Problems/Issues Facing the Hearth Industry: “Regulations, regulations, regulations! It’s now much more complicated and expensive to meet the new laws and maintain wood-burning products. Barriers of entry are high, especially for smaller companies. There should be exception rulings for ‘boutique’ products (similar to the craft beer industry). 

“Also, there are diminishing returns with restrictive pollution requirements. It costs more to achieve the results (e.g. catalysts), and it will create abuse and added pollution from misuse. Burning wood should be a good thing!”

Key Trends in the Hearth Industry Today: “Contemporary, contemporary, contemporary! Slowly but surely that is where the industry is going. People spend time at home and want ‘warm furniture’ to complement and heighten their living experience.”

Forecast for Your Hearth Product Sales in 2016: “Up, up, up! This is a critical year for us since we are working on adding and changing some of our products, but we are cautiously optimistic.”

Years Reading Hearth & Home: “Since birth (not mine) of Wood ’n Energy (now Hearth & Home) in 1980.”

Reasons for Reading Hearth & Home:Hearth & Home not only gives us a good pulse and ‘perspective’ on the industry, but it gives credibility to our philosophy as well as ideas for implementing our business concepts.

“We also like the fact that the magazine is read by builders, architects and designers, many of which are our clients. In addition, we have promoted it to our European vendor partners to help them get a better understanding of the American market.” 

Article(s) Ideas: “An article about the European hearth market – it’s suffering – why and what manufacturers are trying to do about it.”

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Outdoor Livin’

It’s August, and this is our 11th Annual Outdoor Room issue. We began talking about the outdoor living trend way back around 1997, then, in 2004 it became an annual special section and, finally, a Special Issue every August.

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What's In Outside?

By Lisa Readie Mayer

Experts weigh in on the Outdoor Room® trend as it continues to grow, evolve and become an integral part of the North American lifestyle.

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2016 June Business Climate

In early July, Hearth & Home faxed a survey to 2,500 specialty retailers of hearth, barbecue and patio products, asking them to compare June 2016 sales to June 2015. The accompanying charts and selected comments are from the 198 useable returns.

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Parting Shot: Seats of Stone

When first we saw them, we loved the images of a stone sofa and chair, so meticulously created, so fitting for a garden setting (that’s a stone remote control resting on the left arm of the sofa!).

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