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Hearth & Home February 2016

Parting Shot: For the Filthy Rich

Justen Ladda is an artist working in New York. He paints, he sculpts, and he has fun with fireplaces and Swarovski crystals. He also has a bit of fun with words: “You have a choice,” he says, “to choose from a suspended, multimedia or static form of fireplace, and are also free to rest your fingers upon fire bowls, the latest concept.

“But those with spare amounts of money and no fears of losing it can invest in bringing home a Swarovski crystal-studded fireplace, an artistic creation specifically for the filthy rich by Justen Ladda.”

The image above is Ladda’s interpretation of a fireplace designed ages ago for a 19th century building. The proscenium is 32-by-35-by-10 in. and made of stainless steel; the building is of sheet metal and wire. The artist is happy to customize it to meet the customer’s needs.

The front of the building swings open, enabling easy loading of wood and access for cleaning. The curtains are red Swarovski crystals, which sparkle beautifully when the fire is going. Considering the intricacy of the design and the labor involved, the price tag of $24,000 should come as no surprise.


Justen Ladda (born 1953, Buettgen, Germany) works in painting, sculpture, installation, photography and public art. He has lived in New York City since moving there in 1978. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, and his work is represented in major museums.

Justen Ladda, 112 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002.

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