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Hearth & Home November 2015

2015 Masters of Merchandising

This issue marks the 10th year of the Merchandising Excellence Awards, created to recognize those manufacturers who are setting a high bar with their visual merchandising. It takes a great deal of thought, time and creativity to put together a showroom that not only is pleasing to the eye, but is also organized to sell.

Only one of this year’s winners has won before, and that’s Gloster. This is its third win and adds to the many laurels it has won this year, among which were the Lillian B. Winchester “Best of Show” award for its Voyager Rechargeable Lantern, and the new “Lilly” award for its Bay Lounge Chair.

The Merchandising Excellence Awards were sponsored by Hearth & Home, the International Casual Furnishings Association and Merchandise Mart Properties Inc., and were given in four categories; winners are listed on the following pages.

Judges for the 2014 Merchandising Excellence Awards

Tina Serafini
Wittefini Studio,
Chicago, Illinois

Jeremy Witteveen
Wittefini Studio,
Chicago, Illinois

Sophia Lapat
Sophia + Co.,
Chicago, Illinois

Natalie Stanichuk
Campbell Communications,
Chicago, Illinois

Nancy R. Hayden
NRH Enterprises Creative Designs, Chicago, Illinois

JANUS et Cie

Permanent Showroom Over 5,000 Sq. Ft.

Designer: Vanderbyl Design

ABOVE: L to R: Kelsey Tracy, Marketing Coordinator, Vornado; Roberta Jacobs, Sales Manager for JANUS et Cie; Wendy Mollett, Retailer Sales for JANUS et Cie.


Permanent Showroom Under 5,000 Sq. Ft.

Designer: Henrik Pedersen

ABOVE: L to R: Kelsey Tracy with Eric Parsons, President, Gloster Furniture.


Temporary Exhibitor – Furniture

Designers: Toni Esteve and Germán Rubio

ABOVE: L to R: Kelsey Tracy with Toni Esteve, CEO, Vondom; Germán Rubio, Sales Associate, Vondom; Julia Chappell, Managing Director for the Design Center division, Vornado.

Surya Outdoor

Temporary Exhibitor – Accessories

Designers: Shane Evans and Erin Bishop

ABOVE: Jim Levine, Vice President of Sales, Surya Outdoor.


Companies Mentioned

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2015 September Business Climate

In early October, Hearth & Home faxed a survey to 2,500 specialty retailers of hearth, barbecue and patio products, asking them to compare September 2015 sales to September 2014. The accompanying charts and selected comments are from the 217 useable returns.

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Parting Shot: A Sizzling Promo

In a promotion designed to gain exposure for both the Toyota Tundra and Napoleon grills, two special Tundra tailgating vehicles were created this year. One visited events in eastern Canada, the other worked the western section of the country. It began in April and runs through the end of the year.

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