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Hearth & Home November 2014

Photo courtesy: 2014© Jeri Koegel Photography.
Architect: C.J. Light Associates.

Parting Shot: A Calming Room

We all have too much “stuff” as George Carlin used to say, and he was right. Let your mind wander through a few rooms in your home and you should quickly see what we mean.

For instance, should it really be necessary to throw a dozen pillows on the floor before climbing into bed?

Are all those books jammed into the bookcase really important to keep? Will you read more than a few of them again? Really?

Have you visited your attic recently? That’s usually a place similar to “limbo,” where “stuff” awaits its final resting place (which is, of course, the junkyard where it should have been placed).

George Carlin would have appreciated the room shown here. Spartan in its simplicity, this is an ideal place to relax, perhaps meditate, and certainly to shed the baggage of the day or week.

The room is on the southern California coast, with a perfectly framed view of the water. There’s warm water and a fireplace to help you relax and, once towel-dried, a hanging bed in which to rest. The floor is travertine; the ceiling, walls and spa are a light-tan stucco.

This is a calming room, a healthy room, but there’s still too damn many pillows on the bed!

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