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Vision Grills / ICON Grills

1531 Fairview Avenue, Suite B
St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: (314) 428-3166

Toll-free Phone: (877) 917-4273

Fax: (314) 427-2802


Year Established: 2006

No. of Employees: 151

Contact: Scott Walters - Director of Global Sales

Distribution: Dealer Direct, Two-Step Distributors

Retail Channels of Distribution: Big Boxes, Energy Companies (Utilities), Garden Centers, Hardware Stores, Home Centers, Internet Sellers, Specialty Retailers

Brands: ICON Grills, Vision Grills, Vision Grills Lump Charcoal

Hearth Product(s):

Accessories - Toolsets

Fuels/Starters - Pellets

Barbecue Product(s):

Accessories - Brush - Grill, Clothing, Cookware, Covers - Grill, Fire Lighters, Gloves/Mitts, Grates, Griddles, Grid Lifters, Lights, Poultry/Meat Holders, Racks, Side Tables, Skewers, Thermometers, Tools

Barbecues/Grills - Built-ins - Charcoal, Gas, Infrared, Multi-Fuel, Wood

Barbecues/Grills - Camping/Tabletop - Charcoal, Wood

Barbecues/Grills - Freestanding - Charcoal, Gas, Infrared, Multi-Fuel, Wood

Flavorings - Rubs, Sauces, Spices, Wood

Fuel/Starters BBQ - Charcoal - Lump Hardwood, Wood - Chunks/Chips

Islands/Cabinets Prefabricated - Assembled

Outdoor Kitchen Equipment - Other - Grill Tables

Replacement Parts/Kits - Grids/Grates, Paint - Touch-Up

Smokers - Electric, Kamado/Ceramic, Portable

Barbecue Supplier Product(s):

Cooking Grids, Finishes - Paint/Powdered, Side Tables/Racks