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Sunrise Metal Shop

3070 W 350S
Topeka, IN 46571

Phone: (260) 463-4026

Fax: (260) 463-4027

Year Established: 1971

No. of Employees: 17

Contact: Lee Miller - Parter

Distribution: Dealer Direct, Personal Installation

Retail Channels of Distribution: Furniture Stores, Garden Centers, Hardware Stores, Home Centers, Specialty Retailers

Brands: Silver Bullet Grills

Hearth Product(s):

Accessories - Candles/Holders, Giftware, Log Baskets, Screens - Freestanding/Mesh, Trivets, Wall Decor

Patio Product(s):

Accessories - Candle Holders, Covers - Furniture, Plant Hangers, Windchimes

Patio Supplier Product(s):

Cushions/Pillow Components - Batting, Buttons, Cordage, Cushion Machinery, Cushions, Fiber, Foam, Grommets/Fasteners, Pillows, Sewing Threads, Trim

Fabric - Acrylic, Acrylic/Olefin Blend, Acrylic/Olefin Blend-Jacquards, Acrylic/Polyester Blend, Acrylic - Jacquards, Acrylic - Prints, Acrylic - Solution-Dyed, Canvas, Cotton, Cotton - Prints, Olefin, Olefin - Jacquard, Olefin - Solution-Dyed, Polycotton, Polyester, Polyester - Prints, Polyester - Solution-Dyed, Polyester - Stitch Bonded, PVC - Coated Polyester, PVC - Coated Polyester/Acrylic Blend, PVC - Coated Polyester/Olefin Blend, Vinyl

Barbecue Product(s):

Barbecues/Grills - Built-ins - Charcoal, Other - Lump Charcoal

Barbecues/Grills - Camping/Tabletop - Charcoal, Other - Lump Charcoal

Barbecues/Grills - Freestanding - Charcoal, Other - Lump Charcoal

Fuel/Starters BBQ - Other - Compress Cardboard

Islands/Cabinets Prefabricated - Assembled

Outdoor Kitchen Equipment - Bars - Built-In, Bars - Freestanding, Carts - Serving, Fryers, Hoods, Sinks, Storage Compartments, Storage Doors, Warming Compartments, Other - Custom Available

Replacement Parts/Kits - Adapters/Fittings, For Discontinued Models, Grids/Grates, Handles/Knobs

Smokers - Other - Custom Available

Barbecue Supplier Product(s):

Adapters/Fittings, Cooking Grids, Handles, Metal Fabrication, Side Tables/Racks, Support Stands, Other - Anything Custom