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Sand Hill Wholesale & Manufacturing

1955 Alum Creek Drive
Columbus, OH 43207

Phone: (614) 444-0326

Toll-free Phone: (800) 258-5496

Fax: (800) 958-5497


Year Established: 1976

No. of Employees: N/A

Contact: Cheri Hawkins - President

Distribution: Dealer Direct

Retail Channels of Distribution: Catalogs, Garden Centers, Hardware Stores, Home Centers, HVAC Dealers, Internet Sellers, Specialty Retailers

Brands: FlameX, HearthX, High Stacker, Homeowners Choice, Low Stacker, Sand Hill, Sand Hill Collection, Super Quiet, Sweeps Perfection

Hearth Product(s):

Accessories - Andirons, Bellows, Blowers, Buckets, Butane Lighters, Candles/Holders, Detectors - Carbon Monoxide, Fans - In-Line Duct, Fans - Room to Room, Firebacks, Gloves/Mitts, Grates, Grills/Registers, Heat Exchangers, Hoods - Fireplace, Humidifiers, Log Baskets, Log Carriers, Log Lighters, Log Racks, Matches, Pads - Hearth, Pellet Baskets, Popcorn Poppers, Rugs - Hearth, Scents - Oil, Screens - Freestanding/Mesh, Screens - Freestanding/Metal, Smoke Guards, Steamers, Thermometers, Thermostats, Toolsets, Trivets, Wall Protectors/Stove Boards

Catalytic Combustors - Wood - Replacement

Chimneys - All-Fuel (Class A), Connector Pipe - Single-Wall, Connector Pipe - Double-Wall, Direct-vent - Gas, Pellet (Type L)

Chimney Venting Accessories - Caps/Covers, Chimney Fans, Clean-Out Doors, Dampers - Barometric, Dampers - Stovepipe, Draft Inducers, Flashing, Liner Insulation, Liners - Gas, Liners - Wood, Pipe Fittings, Pipe Shields, Termination Caps, Wall Pass-Throughs

Fuels/Starters - Firestarters - Fatwood/Other, Firestarters - Pellet

Maintenance Products - Hearth - Brushes, Cement, Cleaners - Creosote, Cleaners - Glass, Cleaners - Masonry/Stone, Cleaners - Metal, Collars - Stove Pipe, Deodorizers, Firebrick, Gaskets, Gas Valve Keys, Paint - Touch-Up, Polish, Sealant, Sealers - Stone/Masonry, Silicone, Vacuums

Space Heaters - Indoor - Gas - Vent-Free

Ventilation Systems - Direct-vent

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