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Onward Manufacturing Company

585 Kumpf Drive
Waterloo, ON N2V 1K3 Canada

Phone: (519) 885-4540

Toll-free Phone: (800) 245-5138

Fax: (519) 885-1390


Year Established: 1906

No. of Employees: 400

Contact: Ted Mealing - Vice President of Marketing

Distribution: Dealer Direct

Retail Channels of Distribution: Furniture Stores, Garden Centers, Hardware Stores, Home Centers, LP Marketers, Specialty Retailers

Brands: Broil King, Broil King Keg, Broil-Mate, Grill Care, GrillPro, Huntington

Barbecue Product(s):

Accessories - Aprons, Baskets, Brush - Grill, Cleaners, Cookbooks, Cookware, Covers - Grill, Cutting/Work Surfaces, Deck Protectors, Fuel Gauges, Gloves/Mitts, Grates, Grease Pans, Griddles, Grid Lifters, Grill Toppers, Lights, Poultry/Meat Holders, Racks, Rotisseries, Shelves, Side Tables, Skewers, Thermometers, Tools, Trays - Smoker, Warming Racks, Woks

Barbecues/Grills - Built-ins - Charcoal, Gas

Barbecues/Grills - Camping/Tabletop - Charcoal, Electric, Gas

Barbecues/Grills - Freestanding - Charcoal, Gas, Pellet

Flavorings - Marinades, Wood

Fuel/Starters BBQ - Ceramic - Briquettes, Charcoal - Lump Hardwood, Lava Rock

Replacement Parts/Kits - Burners, Controls, For Discontinued Models, Gas Hose, Grids/Grates, Handles/Knobs, Ignitors, Paint - Touch-Up, Regulators

Smokers - Dry/Horizontal - Wood/Charcoal, Dry/Vertical - Wood/Charcoal, Kamado/Ceramic, Water/Vertical - Wood/Charcoal