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ICC Industrial Chimney Company

400 J-F Kennedy
St. Jerome, QC J7Y 4B7 Canada

Phone: (450) 565-6336

Fax: (450) 565-6519


Year Established: 1990

No. of Employees: 200

Contact: Sheila Graham - Marketing & Communications

Distribution: Two-Step Distributors

Retail Channels of Distribution: Specialty Retailers

Brands: EXCEL Chimney, EXCELDirect, EXCELPellet, ICC Chimney, Renaissance Fireplaces, RSF Woodburning Fireplaces, ULTRABlack, VIC Condensing Vent, VIP+ Pressure Chimney

Hearth Product(s):

Chimneys - All-Fuel (Class A), Connector Pipe - Single-Wall, Connector Pipe - Double-Wall, Direct-vent - Gas, Pellet (Type L), Other - Condensing Vent, Pressure Chimney

Chimney Venting Accessories - Caps/Covers, Dampers - Fireplace, Dampers - Stovepipe, Direct-Vent Kits, Flashing, Liners - Gas, Liners - Wood, Pipe Shields, Termination Caps, Wall Pass-Throughs

Fireplaces - Wood - Exempt

Barbecue Product(s):

Barbecues/Grills - Built-ins - Wood

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Relationships Matter

By Bill Sendelback

ICC stands for Industrial Chimney Company, but it could just as accurately stand for Intense Customer Care.

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Single Burn-Rate Wood Stoves New Again

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Single burn-rate wood stoves have been around since the very first crude wood-burning appliances were created. Basically, they’re wood stoves, inserts or fireplaces in which the incoming combustion air cannot be adjusted, unlike the majority of...

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