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Home Depot Expands with Cave Tools

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Home Depot has decided to expand its online collection of BBQ tools and accessories with the inclusion of Cave Tools on Historically, Home Depot has been one of the leading retailers of gas grills, charcoal grills, and barbecue utensils in America. They have maintained their market-leader status through dedication to selling quality products from well-known brand names and staying ahead of trends with offerings from up and coming brands.

As summer grilling season approaches, consumers are showing increased interest in cooking tools and accessories for family cookouts. Home Depot's decision to sell Cave Tools products demonstrates their proactive approach to meeting customer demands. In response to this new partnership, Cave Tools CEO Michael O'Donnell commented that, “Last year Cave Tools became the leading direct-to-consumer brand of grilling tools online and was acknowledged as the third fastest growing company in Philadelphia. We are excited to be working with Home Depot and feel that the increased brand exposure will help make Cave Tools a household brand name for grilling accessories, up there with companies such as Weber and Traeger in the charcoal grills and smokers space.”

Since the addition of Cave Tools to the Home Depot website in April, sales in the grilling tools category have steadily increased. Assuming Cave Tools continues to outperform their competitors, Home Depot is expected to roll out Cave Tools into retail stores nationwide by the end of the summer 2018.

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