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RH Peterson Company Hires Manager, Adds Representative and Promotes from Within

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Samir Barudi joins RH Peterson Co. as manager of Engineering and Technical Services. In his role, Samir will be responsible for overseeing the company’s Technical Services team as well as contributing to the design and development of innovative products and processes to support the company’s continued growth.

Samir brings extensive experience in directing operations, R&D, and product development, generating significant growth to top and bottom lines.

“After several months consulting for our company, we are fortunate to have Samir join us as a full-time employee, said Leslie Bortz, president of RH Peterson Co. “In a short time he has had a significant impact on our product development and technical services efforts. We look forward to his continued success.”

Barudi comes to RH Peterson Co. after serving as a consultant to Duraflame for seven years. His educational accomplishments include an MBA in Finance and Marketing from UCLA, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology (CIT).

Jon Kermit Re-Joins as Northern California Sales Representative Team

After a 28-year hiatus, Jon Kermit rejoins the RH Peterson Co. In his new role, Kermit will partner with Mark Oliphant to manage sales for the Northern California region. Throughout the 1980s, Jon served on RH Peterson’s sales team.

“We are delighted to have Jon back at Peterson,” said president Leslie Bortz. “Under Mark Oliphant, for the past 14 years we have seen tremendous growth in Northern California. With Jon’s extensive experience and proven track record, we expect more success in the future.”

Amy Bortz Promoted to Senior Director of Marketing

Amy Bortz has been promoted to senior director of Marketing reporting to senior vice president Robert Dischner. “Amy has been instrumental in expanding awareness of the RH Peterson Co. family of brands, including Fire Magic and Real Fyre, through the creation and growth of our social media channels, development and distribution of branded content, adoption of a brand spokesperson and much more,” said Dischner. “In her six years, Amy has been a tremendous asset to the company.”

Prior to joining RH Peterson Co. in 2011, Bortz spent 20 years at Edelman, a leading global communications marketing firm serving in both their Chicago and New York offices.


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