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RH Peterson Company’s
Diamond Sear Cooking Grids

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RH Peterson Company’s revolutionary Diamond Sear cooking grids are designed to provide more food-to-grill surface contact, maximizing the amount of heat conducted into the food. Available in various types and sizes, the grids will be featured on Fire Magic Echelon Diamond and Aurora grills as well as American Outdoor Grill (AOG) models for the 2018 season.

The flat tops of each individual bar of the Fire Magic grids measure .35 in. wide throughout and in total cover up to 50% of the grill’s cooking area. The

AOG cooking grids are slightly smaller at .28-.29 in. wide and cover 40-45% of the surface of the AOG. The angled bar design of the Diamond Sear cooking grids delivers more heat to the surface of the grill, retaining juices in the food and ultimately resulting in superior cooking results.

Peterson employees Martin Yan, Dave McCullough, Jon Bridgwater and David Keck combined their skills, ingenuity and efforts to create the new cooking grids.

“Another first for Peterson, continuing the spirit, dedication and craftsmanship of our founders Bob Peterson and Harold Keck,” said president Leslie Bortz. “Our Diamond Sear cooking grids represent another step in Fire Magic’s 80-year history of developing outdoor grilling products that uniquely meet consumers’ needs.”

RH Peterson Co. has applied for two (2) patents on its Diamond Sear Cooking Grids. Patents are pending.

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