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Operation BBQ Relief Deployment Update

Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 Deployments

  • 6 States
  • 48 Deployment Days
  • 8 Disasters
  • Approx 1,800 Volunteers
  • 569,450 Hot BBQ Meals Served

Download the Most Recent Deployment Map

Ways To Help

Team OBR has accomplished a lot since our inception. In the last six years, we have grown from a startup organization to being one of the largest providers of hot meals during disasters. Our BBQ background prepares us to be really great problem solvers and so much of disaster relief is solving big problems to help others. One problem that we are trying to solve is the peaks and valleys of funding between deployments as the ongoing expenses do not go away when we are not deployed. A few of these expenses are vehicle and trailer maintenance, warehouse space, storage, and insurance.

We are asking for your help in 2018 toward a monthly giving campaign. This campaign will allow our supporters to budget their monthly contributions throughout the year and allows OBR to better manage our ongoing expenses. Our 2018 annual goal is to add 1,000 new monthly supporters during the year. Thank you for being part of Operation BBQ Relief and helping us help others.

If you wish to sign up for a monthly giving program go to

Other Ways to Help

Volunteer – We are always in need of volunteers. Let us know your skills and come join Team OBR.

Company matching contribution – Most large companies will match your contribution. Ask your HR Department and double up your donation.

In-kind Donation – If you have equipment or a product that we use your donation is always appreciated.

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