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Allen E. Gant, Jr. Retires as CEO of Glen Raven

Friday, October 6, 2017

Glen Raven, a global provider of performance fabrics, announced today that Allen E. Gant, Jr. has retired as CEO of the family-owned company founded by his grandfather in 1880. Gant will remain chairman of Glen Raven’s Operating Board.

Leib Oehmig IV.

Gant announced his plans to retire as CEO of Glen Raven in 2013. The announcement activated a succession plan that named C.G. “Leib” Oehmig, IV, a 28-year veteran of Glen Raven, president and chief operating officer with the intent that he would become CEO upon Gant’s retirement, which was effective on October 5.

“Leib’s previous leadership role will serve him well as the next CEO of Glen Raven,” Gant said. “He is a transformative leader and a strategic architect of the company’s current course focused on solutions for our customers. His ability to lead will be felt across our company’s global footprint for years to come.”

Oehmig joined Glen Raven in 1989 and led the construction and management of the company’s 1 million sq. ft. Sunbrella fabrics manufacturing center in Anderson, South Carolina. His tenure at Anderson led to his promotion as president of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the makers of Sunbrella, a position he held until he was named president and COO of Glen Raven.

“Part of what makes Glen Raven such a special place is everyone, regardless of position or location, considers themselves part of one team – one Glen Raven,” Oehmig said. “It is an honor and a privilege to lead an organization driven by a culture that embraces transformational change.”

As CEO, Oehmig leads a global company with 40 locations in 17 countries and six continents. The company is dedicated to improving lives through innovations in fabric, while serving clients, consumers and its more than 3,000 associates around the world. As Glen Raven continues to grow, Oehmig provides leadership to ensure a culture of integrity and innovation while maintaining the high standards of quality and service for which Glen Raven is known.

“I am privileged to work alongside our associates, who are among Glen Raven’s greatest assets and whose input is invaluable as the company continues its mission to design and build innovative solutions that improve people’s lives,” Oehmig said. “I’ve also been fortunate to learn from the best during my career at Glen Raven, including from a predecessor who puts a premium on collaboration and teamwork.”

Gant joined Glen Raven in 1971 – his first job was in industrial engineering – and rose through the ranks until he was named CEO in 1996. After 21 years as the chief executive, Gant said he relishes the long-term potential and global reach of Glen Raven’s solutions under Oehmig, the first non-Gant family member to serve as CEO in the company’s 137-year-history.

“For as long as I can remember, Glen Raven has been in a constant state of transformation,” Gant said. “That’s how we have remained relevant in the markets we serve, and it also serves as a constant reminder that you have to drive change and not just respond or react to it.”

Driving change is central to the role Oehmig envisions for himself and his team as he begins his tenure as CEO.

“I’m confident we have the vision and strategies in place to serve our customers in new market opportunities, including those we haven’t thought of today,” he said. “We have a passion for serving our customers and a desire to earn their trust every day, and I’m incredibly excited to get started.”

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