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Stan Hays (and OBR Volunteers) Receives
the CNN Heroes Award

Friday, September 29, 2017

Stan Hays, champion pitmaster and co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, has been awarded the CNN Hero Award on behalf of Operation BBQ Relief (OBR). Over the past couple months, the Atlantic coast has been ravaged by several strong storms; first Texas was impacted by hurricane Harvey, then Florida with Hurricane Irma. In response to these disasters, Hays and his volunteers served over 437,000 hot barbecue meals to first responders and those in need. 

According to Hays, the award represents the heroes that are the volunteers of Operation BBQ Relief. Six and a half years ago, a group of competitive barbecue cooks, judges, and locals set out to cook some meals in hopes to make one person's life a little bit better, with no visions of grandeur or aspirations for awards. Today, they celebrate 1.7 million meals cooked and served to those affected by 34 natural disasters across the United States. People they could not have helped without the OBR volunteers.

“The truth is that Operation BBQ Relief is a CNN hero for 2017,” says Hays. “With that, like everything else we have dealt with over the years, we must capitalize on it. We need your help. We need you to share this link with your friends and family. We need you to follow this link and donate. We need you to follow the link below and set up your own fundraiser.”

“At the end of this year, the top 10 Heroes will be awarded. Hopefully the good deeds of our past will put us in that elite group. The winner will receive another big check. This kind of check will help Operation BBQ Relief feed the next million meals that are in front of us.”

“Please urge your friends and family to share our link and set up their own fundraisers. It is not often we have an opportunity like this in front of us, and we are asking for you to help us secure our future through this award.”

Watch the story on National Television:

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HLN (formerly Headline News): 8pm

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See the full Operation BBQ Relief story on CNN.com
Donate to Operation BBQ Relief

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