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Operation BBQ Relief Update – Hurricane Irma

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Operation BBQ Relief has had a busy three weeks with Hurricane Harvey (for which they served 371,760 hot barbecue meals in 11 days) and now Hurricane Irma (66,100 meals in over six days) and their teams of volunteers are tired. Currently, OBR is turning the teams over, sending burnt out volunteers home and flying in fresh resources to help close out the deployment.

They are expecting to load up and head out by the end of the week, having cooked and served over 437,860 hot barbecue meals to those in need and the first responders in these disasters.

This week, they also increased their capacity to airlift meals to the Florida Keys. OBR airlifted over 11,000 hot meals on September 18 to the Keys, working with the Salvation Army and Fedex to deliver, receive and distribute the food.

Hot Meals Served

Day 1 - 2,150 (served in Central FL by OBR's State Lead prior to their arrival)
Day 2 - 3,000
Day 3 - 11,650
Day 4 -15,750
Day 5 - 14,450
Day 6 - 19,100
Total - 66,100
Projected Day 7 Total - 20,000

The following images are from Operation BBQ Relief's Facebook page depicting their Hurricane Irma deployment:

See more on Operation BBQ Relief's Facebook page.


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