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A photo from Operation BBQ Relief's Houston Deployment. Go to OBR's Facebook page to see more.

Operation BBQ Relief
Prepares to Leave Houston

Friday, September 8, 2017

Day 9 showed things slowing down as we ramp down to leave Houston this weekend. Yesterday, Thursday, September 7, we did 33,350 hot bbq meals between the Houston area and Victoria greater area. Our 9-day total is 335,460 hot bbq meals to over 155 different churches, civic groups, organizations, and first responders.

Some highlights since our last update:

  • 20,000 hot meals air lifted in to communities such as Beaumont, Silsbee, Vidor, etc.
  • Fox News broadcasted live the Story with Martha McCallum on Wednesday. Here is just a little bit at the end from the broadcast. Fox News Link
  • 6 of 9 days we were over our previous daily feeding record set in August 2016 of just over 31,000 meals.
  • In 2016, we provided just over 313,000 meals in 13 days. We exceeded that number in 9 days by 22,000 down in Texas.
  • Approximately 100 volunteers from Farmers Insurance Austin Service Operations came and volunteered yesterday.

Meal stats

Day 1 - 16,090
Day 2 - 23,625
Day 3 - 43,200
Day 4 - 43,350
Day 5 - 29,800
Day 6 - 45,760
Day 7 - 45,760
Day 8 - 55,575
Day 9 - 33,350
Total 335,460

Today, Friday, September 8, will be our last meal service in Houston. Our agreement with the city was through Sunday, September 10. It will take us two days to clean up and move all the equipment and food product out to staging areas so we can respond to Hurricane Irma. We are working with several local bbq teams to help support them in Silsbee and Vidor communities, and a little longer in Victoria as well.

Statistics on what it took to put out 335,460 meals:

  • 143,349 pounds of raw pork
  • 16,733 #10 cans of vegetables
  • 11,182 full-size aluminum pans and lids (we sent 40% of the meals out in bulk containers that held 250-750 servings, so did not use as many pans as normal).

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