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Ironhaus Purchases Portland Willamette

Monday, March 13, 2017

By Bill Sendelback

Portland Willamette (PW), based in Portland, Oregon, has been acquired by Ironhaus, a Hamilton, Montana-based hearth products manufacturer, merging both lines of glass doors and fireplace accessories. The PW brand and much of its glass door offerings will be retained as a separate brand and product line selling “side by side” with the Ironhaus brand and products, according to Tim Campbell, CEO and general manager of Ironhaus.

PW began in 1946 as Modern Firescreens; it introduced the Portland Willamette glass doors in 1962. Known for its high-end and custom brass, plated brass and aluminum glass doors, PW was acquired by Ironhaus from Cardinal Aluminum.

Ironhaus, a manufacturer of more traditional glass and mesh doors, fireplace accessories and decorative iron products, became Ironhaus in 1997. The company is currently housed in a 30,000 sq. ft. facility, and a new 17,000 sq. ft addition is being completed to give the company 47,000 sq. ft. to manufacture both product lines.

Campbell is no newcomer to Portland Willamette. About 25 years ago he became an installer of PW glass doors for hearth products dealers in Phoenix, Arizona. He began the Ironhaus concept of producing more traditional and rustic glass doors in Phoenix before moving to Montana where he later established the company.

“I love the history, the legacy and the opportunity of PW,” says Campbell. “I am exceptionally excited because I have always respected and admired the company and its products.”

The PW operation, including as many PW employees as Campbell can entice to move to Montana, will be moved to the Ironhaus operation. Campbell plans to simplify the line, dropping gas logs, fire pits, some glass door lines and electric models, but retaining the Ovation custom doors and PW aluminum models.

“We plan to bring the product line and its advertising and marketing up to date,” he says. Campbell also is rehiring many of the former PW manufacturers’ representatives.

There should be very little interruption for dealers, other than longer lead times during the transition, according to Campbell. Orders will continue to be accepted for the aluminum product lines and likely for the bar stock lines; Ironhaus also will make the Ironhaus lines available to minimize any interruption.


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