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PO Box 1230
Stockton, CA 95201

Phone: (209) 461-6600

Fax: (209) 462-9412


Year Established: 1968

No. of Employees: 200

Contact: Tanja Berolzheimer

Distribution: Dealer Direct, Two-Step Distributors

Channels of Distribution: Big Boxes, Hardware Stores, Home Centers, Internet Sellers, Mass Merchants, Specialty Retailers

Brands: Cowboy Charcoal, Duraflame, Western Premium BBQ Products

Hearth Product(s):

Fuels/Starters - Firestarters - Fatwood/Other, Firewood, Wood/Wax Logs

Other - Lighters & Matches

Barbecue Product(s):

Flavorings - Marinades, Rubs, Sauces, Spices, Wood

Fuel/Starters BBQ - Charcoal - Briquettes, Charcoal - Lump Hardwood, Starters, Wood - Chunks/Chips, Wood - Logs

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